Young Toastmasters Club
(P1 to P3) - Nov/Dec 2021

Young Toastmasters Club Dec 2021

Public Speaking is one of the greatest fears anyone may have. Young Toastmasters Club will help your child overcome this fear!

At Young Toastmasters Club, students will build self-confidence, learn the importance of accurate speech, discover how to deliver a confident presentation and improve public speaking skills.

Students will be taught life skills at this workshop – and skills learnt do not end when this workshop does! They will also be taught how to apply their public speaking skills into school examinations, such as Show and Tell for Primary 1 and 2 and Oral Exam for Primary 3 (Reading Aloud and Stimulus-based Conversation).

Most of all, students will gain an important sense of accomplishment at the Workshop Showcase. They will apply all the public speaking and life skills learnt for a solo presentation on a topic close to their heart!

*Parents will be invited to watch the solo presentation showcase via Zoom.

Schedule of Workshop

Young Toastmasters Club

Level: P1 - P3
Date: 6 - 8 Dec 2021
Time: 9.30am - 12.30pm
Price: $375.00 per participant
Note: This workshop will be held in LK Academy.