Public Speaking Masterclass (P1 to P3)
March 2023

Public Speaking Masterclass March 2023 Holiday Workshop

Empower your primary school child with the power of self-confidence!

This public speaking workshop will help your child break barriers. All participants will:

  • Learn how to improve public speaking skills
  • Build self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Build communication skills
  • Learn the format of convincing and impressive speeches
  • Learn how to present with conviction and confidence
  • Learn how to overcome fear

On Day 3, your child will present solo in front of a live audience (parents!). We will help groom your child for a final presentation where they deliver confidently without breaking a sweat.

If you wish to help your child overcome fear, strengthen public speaking skills and gain confidence, our Public Speaking Masterclass is for you!

Workshop Schedule

Level: P1 - P3 (For P4 - P6 levels, please click here)
Date: 13 - 15 March 2023
Time: 10.30am - 12.00pm
Location: 407 Sembawang Road
Price: $199 per participant (all materials included)