Creative Writing at LK Academy

Creative Writing
at LK Academy

Creative Writing at LK Academy

Creative Writing at LK Academy

Creative Writing is a type of writing which draws on imagination and inspiration to convey meaning in a text, passage, composition or essay.

Creative writing is where creativity is at the forefront of its purpose.

Primary School Creative Writing

Creative writing in primary and secondary schools is assessed through Composition Writing for the primary level and Essay Writing for the secondary level.

In LK Academy, Creative Writing skills start at the K2 level in our P1 Prep Programme at LoveKids, moving up to Primary One in our LK Academy Confidence for English Programme. The importance of planting the seed of inspiration in our young students is the first step to building the foundation of creative writing skills.

For example, in our Primary One programme, we teach creative writing through plot development using the elements of drama to brainstorm a plot. This makes creative writing and composition writing fun and therefore builds interest and inspiration in writing.

Another example would be using visual learning elements and illustrations to draw out the story mountain. This creative writing methodology helps our lower primary students engage in different writing styles. Our objectives are met - Children are inspired and love writing.

The elements of Creative Writing taught in LK Academy work on this methodology.

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In Primary Three and Primary Four, creative writing and composition writing techniques and application are key. Students have to write a composition based on three pictures and a title/theme. The key to writing a mature composition comes with making the visual/visuals and title/theme the heart of the composition.

Creative writing strategies like knowing the rules of school-based composition as well as the application of strong vocabulary and quotes are crucial. These add maturity to school-based composition writing and therefore add to marks.

PSLE Composition Creative Writing

Moving up to the upper primary, our Primary Five students are trained to embrace the higher standards of Primary Five composition writing. Writing maturely and in-depth for PSLE composition. Adapting to the total mark increase for composition writing is the first step to ensuring our Primary Five students have self-awareness of what is expected. With continued training, inspiration and love for writing, our Primary Five students will slowly but surely do what is expected for PSLE composition and finally develop the content for writing PSLE composition with confidence!

Creative writing in school composition and essays comes in many forms and genres. Hence, no matter what the topic, theme or title our primary and secondary students encounter, they are head-on ready to write.

Time Management is an essential element when writing in an exam setting. Our primary and secondary students in LK Academy are trained to infuse their ability in their writing skills to execute their composition writing or essay writing in a simulated exam setting.

Nevertheless, writing a composition or an essay in a timed setting can be nerve-wracking. Through our training in our Confidence for English Programme for primary and secondary levels, we groom our students to write confidently, making their writing complete, impactful, mature, and touching the heart of the reader!

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