PSLE Bootcamp Series - Sep 2021
(P5 & P6)


Our P5 and P6 Composition Bootcamp will help students gain confidence to score for exam and PSLE!

P5s and P6s will be taught HOW to overcome the following struggles:

  • Being unsure about what type of hook to use to begin a composition
  • Getting ‘stuck’ mid compo
  • How to deepen the story plot
  • How to have outstanding descriptions of emotions
  • How to write strong scene descriptions
  • Planning an impressive Problem, Climax, Solution and Conclusion, and consequently, articulating thoughts into words
  • Ensuring a deep problem flows into a strong complication
  • Working on a plan and writing out the composition within a time limit
  • Adding well thought out and detailed description using vocabulary
  • Applying literary writing techniques to add the ‘wow’ factor of a composition
  • Self-confidence when writing a composition

At P5 and P6 level, it takes a lot to score. We teach all our students how to enhance their compositions. Students will be taught to add maturity in their compositions. Another important aspect to help students score is adding a touching element - we will guide students on how to incorporate this into their compositions.

Most importantly, we aim for our P5s and P6s to attain the ultimate self-confidence to write independently for composition writing!

Accomplish your SA2 composition and PSLE with the ultimate self-confidence!



Comprehension Bootcamp helps fill in the gaps for :

  • Students who are currently struggling with comprehension
  • Students who are slightly weak in comprehension due to lack of practice
  • Students who may need some extra practice to keep them going until PSLE

Our Comprehension Bootcamp will help students with the following :


  • Breaking down a long text, to help students gain understanding of the passage
  • Inferring from the passage, including teaching students ‘how to infer’ when stuck
  • Building depth of understanding, so techniques learnt can be applied to future comprehensions
  • Annotating the passage accurately
  • How to pick out certain parts of the passage that may be tested in the Comprehension Questions


  • How to break down each question
  • Understanding what exactly is being asked in each question
  • How to reference for answers to spot precise answers in the text
  • How to phrase answers accurately, answering to the point and answering exactly what is being asked

Teachers will also stress on common mistakes to avoid and students will be taught special LK techniques to master comprehension.

This bootcamp will teach students not to be intimidated by Comprehension, but instead be motivated to ace Comprehension!

Schedule of Workshops

PSLE Composition Bootcamp

Level: P5 - P6
Date: 6 - 8 Sep 2021
Time: 9.00am - 12.00pm
Price: $385.00 per participant

PSLE Comprehension Bootcamp

Level: P5 - P6
Date: 9 - 10 Sep 2021
Time: 9.00am - 12.00pm
Price: $265.00 per participant