September 2021 Holiday Workshop
(P3 & P4)


Our Oral Workshop helps students gain the confidence they need for an oral exam setting, for both Reading Aloud and Stimulus-based Conversation.

The workshop will tackle the following difficulties commonly faced by students :


  • How to read aloud with conviction, to impress the examiner
  • Articulating difficult words clearly
  • How and when to change tone and expression
  • Applying LK techniques during the Reading Aloud component, that will allow students to score


  • How to understand the stimulus and predict questions before starting the Oral exam
  • How to answer questions on the spot in a confident and well-thought-out manner
  • Answering curveball questions calmly, confidently and maturely
  • Expressing personal opinions and articulating thoughts clearly
  • Applying vocabulary to impress throughout the conversation
  • Being aware of phrasing while conversing
  • How to apply the details of the stimulus in their spoken answers
  • How to include personal responses/experiences as part of the Stimulus-based Conversation
  • Applying special LK techniques to score!

Students will also be trained on accurate body language, how to use eye-contact naturally and be taught how to overcome a ‘brain-freeze’.

Mock Oral Exams will be conducted each day to help students apply what is taught into a real exam setting. This will also help students to overcome nerves.

Most importantly, our workshop will help students add a ‘wow factor’ and gain confidence for their Oral Exam!


Our P3 and P4 Composition Bootcamp helps students write confidently.

Our workshop will help students grapple with the following struggles usually faced by P3s and P4s during composition writing :

  • Not knowing how to begin a composition
  • Getting ‘stuck’ and not knowing how to continue
  • Deepening a story plot
  • Coming up with a strong Problem, Climax, Solution and Conclusion, and consequently, articulating thoughts into words
  • Using vocabulary to describe different scenarios, to score!
  • How to plan and write a story composition plot within a time limit
  • Self-confidence when writing a composition

We teach all our students how to add maturity in their compositions. Another important aspect to help students score is adding a touching element - we will guide students on how to incorporate this into their compositions.

Most importantly, we aim for our P3s and P4s to attain the ultimate self-confidence to write independently for composition writing!

Accomplish your SA2 composition with the ultimate self-confidence!

Schedule of Workshops

September Holiday Workshop - Oral

Level: P3 - P4
Date: 6 - 7 Sep 2021
Time: 9.00am - 12.00pm
Price: $255.00 per participant

September Holiday Workshop - Composition

Level: P3 - P4
Date: 8 - 10 Sep 2021
Time: 9.00am - 12.00pm
Price: $365.00 per participant