Oral Bootcamp for SA2 and PSLE Oral
(P3 to P6) - May/Jun 2022

Oral Bootcamp for SA2 and PSLE Oral holiday workshop jun 2022

This June holidays, our Oral Bootcamp will teach students how to excel in Oral examinations for PSLE and SA2. Students will feel confident in themselves to ace their SA2 Oral and PSLE Oral.

Confidence starts from within - showing positive body language and good eye contact is extremely important in the Oral exam as well. We will teach our students how to achieve this.

Our Oral Bootcamp will provide in-depth techniques on common topics that appear in PSLE Oral and SA2 Oral.

We will tackle the following struggles commonly faced by students :


  • Reading aloud with conviction to impress the examiner
  • Applying strong techniques during Reading Aloud that will allow students to score


  • Understanding the stimulus well before starting the Oral exam
  • Answering questions confidently on the spot
  • Answering curveball questions maturely
  • Predicting questions based on the stimulus
  • Expressing personal opinions clearly and maturely
  • Applying adequate vocabulary in the conversation
  • Phrasing sentences accurately
  • How to include appropriate personal responses and experiences

Most importantly, our June Holiday Oral Bootcamp will teach students to have an extra oomph in their Oral exam for PSLE and SA2 and will leave them feeling as confident as ever!

Let's ace the Oral exam for PSLE and SA2 together!

Schedule of Workshop

Oral Bootcamp for SA2 and PSLE Oral

Level: P3-P4 / P5-P6
Date: 30 - 31 May 2022
Time: 9.30am - 12.30pm
Price: $265.00 per participant