How To Choose The Right Tuition and Enrichment Centre For Your Child

How to Choose the Right Tuition and Enrichment Centre for Your Child
In a country where academic results are an obsession in itself, tuition and enrichment centres are the lifeblood of a community entrenched in the pursuit of better grades. However, with such a heavy saturation of centres all over the country, due diligence is needed if you want to find the right one for your child to give them an edge over their peers who are probably also enrolled in a tuition centre in Singapore. Here are some factors to keep in mind in your search.

Class Size

Class size Tuition centre in Singapore

A common but unavoidable issue in schools is that some students may fall behind due to a larger classroom setting of about 30 to 40 students. Yet, this attention is important as students seek help with topics and questions that they′re having trouble with. What difference, then, would a tuition and enrichment centre in Singapore make if students experience the same problems there as they do in school? Instead, look for one with small classes, as learning is more conducive under those conditions, and teachers are able to spend more time with your child.


Testimonials Primary school tuition in Singapore

When you're checking out a new restaurant or service, there's a good chance that you'll first want to look at their reviews. It makes sense. For the most part, reviews are honest; we have no qualms holding back whenever we have to leave a negative review. The same can be said when picking the right tuition and enrichment centre in Singapore for your child. Let the testimonials of parents and students before you give you a little insight into the centre, how effective it has been, how lessons were conducted, and so on. Here at LK Academy, we′re happy to showcase the many testimonials that we have received since it all started in 2004. Knowing that we've helped inspire students in turn inspires us to do our best to continue our mission of building EQ and IQ in them!

Teaching Style

Learning teaching style Tuition centre in Singapore

It's important to understand the kind of learner your child is so you can enrol them in classes whose lesson styles suit them best. This is especially important when it comes to Primary School tuition and enrichment in Singapore, as young children are particularly impressionable and the efficacy and impact of each lesson can affect the way they perceive learning in the years to come. There are three main types of learning — visual (drawn explanations like infographics and videos); auditory (having lessons verbalised and clearly explained); and kinaesthetic (hands-on activities), and by identifying the kind of learner your child is, you will be able to look for classes that suit their requirements.

Type of Notes

Tuition notes centre in Singapore

Notes are essential to your child's learning, and higher quality notes are obviously more effective. What are "high quality" notes, then? Think personalised study notes, conceptualised and written by the teachers  themselves, that condense each lesson or topic concisely and creatively. In short, they are the easier and more interesting version of standard textbooks. At LK Academy, we go a step further — Rachael, our curriculum writer, has even published her own Primary School vocabulary assessment book series, which can be found in Popular Bookstore outlets and Primary School bookshops, as well as in our centre.

Tuition Centre′s Goals

Student feeling empowered Primary school tuition in Singapore

Often, you'll find that the programmes and teaching methodologies of a tuition centre revolve around their philosophy and overall goals. What does the centre wish to accomplish with its students? Most, if not all tuition and enrichment centres' main objective is to improve every student's grade, that much is clear. However, it's the approach to doing so that separates one from the other.  At LK Academy, we strive to unlock our students' full potential by building their motivation and confidence, not just through tuition and enrichment programmes, but also workshops designed to develop character. Our students are Singapore's future leaders and trailblazers, and we should develop them like one.

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