Different learning styles in primary school tuition in singapore

Different Learning Styles

Understanding the different ways that young kids absorb and internalise information will go a long way in maximising their learning experience and subsequently, their academic growth. While it's challenging for a schoolteacher taking on a class of 40 to tailor lessons that suit every student's learning style, a tuition centre in Singapore like LK Academy has the capacity to do so, as each class is small and allows for greater personalisation. As parents, it's also important that you're able to identify how your child learns to better facilitate their studies at home. Let's explore these four main learning styles.

Visual Learners

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As the name suggests, visual learners absorb information through seeing, aided by a wide range of visuals, such as images, photographs, diagrams, and even body language and facial expressions. These learners typically possess well-developed imaginations and often think in images. As an educator, it's important to know exactly how much movement or action there should be in the classroom; enough to expedite learning, but not too much that visual learners become distracted. This learning style is particularly effective for subjects like English. Here at LK Academy's English tuition centre in Singapore, our English teachers are able to expertly utilise these tools to illustrate strategies. For example, Creative mind-maps and visuals for lessons keep students interested and engaged. Lessons become easy, enjoyable and beneficial.

Auditory Learners

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Auditory learners pick up information more effectively through listening. Kids who are auditory processors learn by engaging in discussions and talking about things. They also often find learning methodologies like memory devices and reading aloud helpful in retaining information better. Whether your child is learning at home, or at our Primary School tuition in Singapore, it's important to encourage them to verbalise what they're learning, or even better, rephrase what they're learning in their own words to absorb information even better. LK Academy classes are engaging and students are given opportunities to brainstorm their ideas, encouraging active listening in the classroom setting. Reverse roles for teacher and student is an important learning strategy to ensure memory retention. Students enjoy this and LK Academy's objectives are met.

Reading/Writing Learners

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Learners who pick up information through reading or writing are more comfortable doing so through some form of text, such as reading and reviewing notes, diagrams that have been translated into statements, and so on. Reading/writing learners often prefer long-form writing and other textual interactions. In the classroom, these learners absorb information best through creative writing activities, reference notes or study notes.  At LK Academy, we also teach English using our Secret Formula English notes for grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, composition writing and even oral exams.  This isn't just applicable for English tuition; even Math tuition in Singapore can utilise this to explain difficult Math concepts or simplify complex questions.

Kinaesthetic Learners

Kinaesthetic learners are hands-on learners who enjoy using their sense of touch to process information. The easiest way to illustrate this would be how they would comprehend scientific ideas better by conducting simple science experiments. For instance, your child may learn about the different stages of matter better by holding an ice cube in their hand. Other effective ways to teach kinaesthetic learners include skits or role play. Here at LK Academy's Science tuition centre in Singapore, our Science programmes incorporate a diverse range of activities and teaching methodologies to suit different learning styles whilst keeping lessons engaging and enjoyable.

No matter what learning style your child favours, LK Academy can help them reach their full potential. Check out our website for more information about the various academic and holistic programmes that we offer.