Ace Your Vocabulary!

For Primary 1 – Primary 6

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Our English curriculum writer, Teacher Rachael, has published a series of English Vocabulary assessment books!

The books are available for students from Primary 1 to Primary 6 and are currently being sold in Popular Bookstore, school bookstores and at our center in Serangoon Gardens.

Don't be surprised if your HOD encourages you to buy this book, as it has been advocated by English HODs of Primary Schools!

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Why Vocabulary?

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"After years of writing English curriculum and teaching and preparing students for exams, I saw a need for students from Primary 1 to Primary 6 to expand their vocabulary. Students may read to expose themselves to more vocabulary, which is excellent, but it is the application of the vocabulary words that they really struggle in. This gap needed to be filled outside of the classroom as well.

So, Ace Your Vocabulary Series was born! I also saw the need for all the books not to just be another drilling session. The students need to UNDERSTAND what they're doing. So, every question comes with a detailed explanation on how to get the correct answer. Say YES to independent learning!

Parents who are also unsure how to guide their child need not worry – a teacher's explanation is right there! There are also Vocabulary Lists with meanings for reference."

How Are Our LK Methods Incorporated Into These Books?

Ace Your Vocabulary Rachael Nonis P5 P6
At LK Academy, we focus on EQ Skills. These skills are important when it comes to studying and eventually, exam settings.

The assessment book series emphasizes on decision-making skills, where students need to be wise to make the right decisions when choosing an answer. The questions in the book are also tailored to MOE examinations.

Similarly, we incorporate EQ Skills in each of our Primary Level classes and all our curricula (Primary and Secondary) in LK Academy is tailored to the MOE syllabus, ultimately leading up to examinations in Primary and Secondary School.

My love for educating the young does not stop here. By popular demand (from our students of course), I am currently working on assessment books for Grammar, Synthesis and Transformation and Comprehension.