5 Ways to Prepare for PSLE

5 Ways to Prepare for PSLE
PSLE marks your child's first major examination in their academic journey, one that will determine, to a large extent, the Secondary School they will go to, and the path they will be taking even beyond that. It is also the year more parents scramble to get additional help for their children by enrolling them in additional programmes like creative writing for Primary School (seeing how English is a subject many students struggle with). In short, PSLE is like a battle, and any successful battle requires a well thought out plan. If that is what you and your child are looking for, here are 5 ways they can prepare themselves for it.

1. Create a Study Plan

Create a Study Plan Primary School Tuition SingaporeHaving a consistent and effective study plan can help your child maximise the rate at which they understand and internalise everything that they've learnt. It could be something as simplistic as allocating a set amount of time each day for reading, doing past-year papers, and so on. A consistent study plan helps build discipline and a sense of routine. It's like when you start to exercise regularly, and you start feeling uneasy when you skip a day, except this is mental gymnastics. Here at LK Academy, our tuition programmes aren't just designed to cram book knowledge; they also help students stay confident and motivated to persevere and stick to their study plans.

2. Understand Your Child's Learning Style

Child’s Learning Style Primary School Tuition SingaporeDifferent people learn through different ways, and the same can be said for your child in terms of how they absorb knowledge. Some learn better through visual stimulation, while others prefer hands-on activities. However your child chooses to learn, it's important that you identify what works best for them so you can guide them through their preparations more effectively. This is especially helpful for theory-heavy subjects like Math and Science, which is why LK Academy's Primary Math and Primary Science tuition in Singapore incorporates a wide range of exciting practical activities that bring textbooks to life.

3. Enhance Learning through the Spacing Effect

Learning through the Spacing Effect Primary School Tuition SingaporeThe spacing effect is essentially a method of studying that aims to keep information fresh in your child's mind through frequent repeated exposure to study materials in daily intervals. This improves internalisation and memorisation, and is probably why many students find repeatedly practising past-year papers effective, as they're going through the same question formats and answering techniques over and over. Ultimately, the more familiar your child is with the syllabus, the more confident they will be, come PSLE.

4. Use Effective Retrieval Techniques

Effective Retrieval Techniques Primary School Tuition SingaporeTesting your child is a highly effective way of learning and revising, and it gives you the opportunity to be present and involved in their academic journey. One such testing technique is called the retrieval practice — you can utilise this by either putting them through practice papers, or by asking them to write or tell you what they've learnt from a particular topic. You can also utilise fun props like flashcards to keep things interesting. By constantly getting your child to recall what they've learnt, they will eventually minimise, if not eliminate any gaps or mistakes they've made, which in turn builds their confidence in the subjects.

5. Enrol Them at a Tuition Centre

Enrol Them at a Tuition Centre Primary School Tuition SingaporeIf you feel that your child requires professional guidance, consider enrolling them at a tuition centre where they will be taken care of by experienced educators who understand their struggles when it comes to studying and preparing for PSLE. LK Academy offers holistic and effective Primary English tuition, Primary Math tuition, Primary Science tuition, creative writing for Primary School programmes, and oral exam settings, all of which are tailored to incorporate IQ and EQ development in equal parts. We believe that nurturing every student's soft skills is as important as nurturing their academic journey. Time management and stress tolerance during an exam setting are important elements. Our teachers are also highly passionate and committed to helping your child excel in PSLE, and will go above and beyond to help them achieve exactly that.

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