5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Busy Over The Holiday Break

5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy over the Holiday Break
School holidays — every kid′s dream; and every parent′s nightmare; well, not in a terrible way, but they will have to find ways to keep their kids occupied and productive whilst affording them their well-deserved break. Of course, some parents might want their kids to keep up their momentum in school and enrol them at a tuition centre in Singapore, but there are also other activities that can keep their minds stimulated. Either way, finding activities for your little ones can be a challenge. If you can relate to this conundrum, worry not — we′ve put together 5 ideas to make your child′s next school break a fun and enriching one!

1. Learn New Kid-friendly Recipes

Kid friendly dishes in Singapore

Cooking is one of life′s most important skills, and it doesn′t matter if your child is going to start a family down the line, learning to cook enables them to survive on their own, quite literally. This school break, learn kid-friendly recipes alongside them and teach them simple preparation and cooking techniques. If you′re into herbs and spices, let them experiment around like it′s their little culinary laboratory; it allows them the freedom to explore different flavours and develop a natural instinct for combining different ingredients and making them work.

2. Set Weekly Reading & Review Goals

One of the best ways to develop your child′s proficiency in English is to read. Unlike textbooks, storybooks are interesting and engaging, keeping your child engrossed whilst they subconsciously absorb vocabulary, writing styles, sentence structures, and other skills. Additionally, getting them to write a book review each time they finish one helps them with creative writing in Primary School as they are able to practise expressing themselves through the written word.

3. Incentivise Chores

Kid doing chores at Primary School tuition Singapore

In an ideal world, kids should learn to perform chores out of a sense of responsibility, and not because they are expecting a reward. However, we have to start somewhere, right? Get them involved in household chores at an early age by incentivising them, perhaps with a trip to the theme park, or a new toy, or something you know they might enjoy. Ultimately, chores are a great way for your kids to develop a sense of belonging and responsibility for the house they live in and the family they live with, and who knows, they might even outgrow incentives in time to come.

4. Upcycle Materials for Arts & Crafts

Upcycling videos are all the rage right now across social media, making it extremely easy for anyone to take inspiration from them and start their own upcycling experience. There′s also something satisfying about being able to take old items that would otherwise have been discarded and breathe new life into them. You can even turn scrap material into creative props for arts and crafts. Teaching your child to think outside the box also helps them in school, especially for creative writing in Primary School.

5. Enrol Them in Holiday Programmes

Primary School tuition can be helpful in keeping your child occupied during the holidays, but there are also other non-academic programmes available here at LK Academy. Our English tuition centre in Singapore, which has since expanded to Math and Science, also offers holistic holiday workshops that can help develop your child′s IQ and EQ; we place equal emphasis on both tenets as they are fundamental to every child′s growth, both as a student and a human being. These workshops nurture a wide range of skills and traits, from gaining confidence through public speaking, to entrepreneurship. After all, excelling in school takes more than just accumulating academic knowledge.

Check out our website for more information about the various holiday programmes that your child can enjoy this coming school break.